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As with the previous special episode and season 6 or 7. 17 contestants partake in an elimination-based competition for C$1,000,000, led by series host Chris McLean . Seven schools are constantly 'at war' with each other, and the students within - both male and female - have become skilled fighters and constantly battle with rival schools. Their lives and fates are guided by strange jewels that contain the spirits and destinies of warriors from the Sangokushi period. As contestants meeting to Sonsaku Hakufu and this friends, was recently moved to Japan and is apparently destined to unite the schools as her counterpart united seven countries long ago. But, like all heroes, there is a darker side to her fate, and as always there is a constant struggle by those around her to break the chains of their own destinies and make their bus stop and the buses that go up to the plane in which the elimination ceremonies take place.When eliminated, they lose the chance at the million dollars.

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Chris McLean

Chef Hatchet

Nanyou Academy with contestants
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Nanyou Academy with contestants:

Seito High School with contestants

Seito High School with contestants:

Kyoshou Academy with contestants

Kyoshou Academy with contestants:

Debut contestants:

The Spirits of the Deceased:

TDIKT Aftermath Hosts:

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Participant Team Status Placing Merged Team
Soujin Shikou Kyoshou Academy with contestants 1st Voted Out
in Darkness at Rakuyo High School - Part 2
31th Place Non-Merged
Gwen Seito High School with contestants 2nd Voted Out
in The Land of the rivers
30th Place
Shokatsuryou Koumei Seito High School with contestants 3rd Voted Out
in Duel Revolution
29th Place
Cody Nanyou Academy with contestants 4th Voted Out
in A Confrontation at Duncan
28th Place
Saji Genpou Nanyou Academy with contestants 5th Voted Out
in Appearance of Kan'u
27th Place
Trent Seito High School with contestants 6th Voted Out
in The Superstar of Trent
26th Place
Ten'i Kyoshou Academy with contestants 7th Voted Out
in The Powerfull of Sonken
25th Place
Kakouen Myousai Kyoshou Academy with contestants 8th Voted Out
in Visitation of Ezekiel and the Beasts
24th Place
Sierra Nanyou Academy with contestants 9th Voted Out
in The Despot's Commander
23rd Place
Heather Nanyou Academy with contestants 10th Voted Out
in The Wandering Sonken
22nd Place
Chou'un Shiryuu Seito High School with contestants 11th Voted Out
in The Lost Island
21st Place
Tyler Seito High School with contestants 12th Voted Out
in Landing in the Beach
20th Place
Courtney Kyoshou Academy with contestants

Dead in the stadium
in The Death of Courtney

19/18th Place
Kan'u Unchou Seito High School with contestants 13th Quit
in The Death of Courtney
Eva Nanyou Academy with contestants 14th Voted Out
in The Beautiful Assassin
17th Place Merged
Lindsay Seito High School with contestants 15th Voted Out
in Days of Jealousy
16th Place
Duncan Nanyou Academy with contestants 16th Voted Out
in Hakufu love Duncan
15th Place
Kyocho Chuukou Kyoshou Academy with contestants 17th Voted Out
in Possibly a Shoulder
14th Place
Gakushuu Nanyou Academy with contestants 18th Voted Out
in Castaways
13th Place
Chouhi Ekitoku Seito High School with contestants 19th Voted Out
in Bachou and the Bachelor
12th Place
Shuuyu Koukin Nanyou Academy with contestants

20th/21st Voted Out
in Ninjas is Coming!

11th/10th Place
Sonken Chuubou
Sousou Moutoku Kyoshou Academy with contestants 22nd Voted Out
in The Good, The Bad, and The Wild
9th Place
LeShawna Seito High School with contestants 23rd Quit
in Confesses of Secrets
8th Place
Ryomou Shimei Nanyou Academy with contestants 24th Voted Out
in Master of Martial
7th Place
Izzy Nanyou Academy with contestants

25th/26th Voted Out
in School Kombat

6th/5th Place
Bachou Mouki Seito High School with contestants
Owen Nanyou Academy with contestants

27th/28th Voted Out
in Bento Frighter

4th/3rd Place
Ryuubi Gentoku Seito High School with contestants
Harold Seito High School with contestants

Runner-Up in The Aftermath: IV/Hakufu vs Harold

Winner in Alternate Ending

Sonsaku Hakufu Nanyou Academy with contestants

WINNER in The Aftermath: IV/Hakufu vs Harold

Runner-Up in Alternate Ending


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  • Episode 01: The Beginning of a School Frighter
  • Episode 02: Darkness at Rakuyo High School - Part 1
  • Episode 03: Darkness at Rakuyo High School - Part 2
  • Episode 04: The Land of the rivers
  • Episode 05: Duel Revolution
  • Episode 06: The Tower Outdoors
  • Episode 07: A Confrontation at Duncan
  • Episode 08: Appearance of Kan'u
  • Episode 09: Rival in Love
  • Episode 10: The Aftermath I: Duel Powerfull
  • Episode 11: The Superstar of Trent
  • Episode 12: The Powerfull of Sonken
  • Episode 13: Visitation of Ezekiel and the Beasts
  • Episode 14: The Despot's Commander
  • Episode 15: The Revenge of Alejandro
  • Episode 16: The Wandering Sonken
  • Episode 17: The Lost Island
  • Episode 18: Landing in the Beach
  • Episode 19: The Death of Courtney
  • Episode 20: Harold's Decision
  • Episode 21: The Aftermath II: The History End of Courtney
  • Episode 22: The Beautiful Assassin
  • Episode 23: Days of Jealousy
  • Episode 24: Hakufu love Duncan
  • Episode 25: Possibly a Shoulder
  • Episode 26: Castaways
  • Episode 27: Hot Blooded LeShawna
  • Episode 28: Bachou and the Bachelor
  • Episode 29: Ninjas is Coming!
  • Episode 30: The Aftermath III: Geoff & Bridgette Married!
  • Episode 31: The Good, The Bad, and The Wild
  • Episode 32: Confesses of Secrets
  • Episode 33: Master of Martial
  • Episode 34: Tsunami's Pieces
  • Episode 35: School Kombat
  • Episode 36: Bento Frighter
  • Episode 37: Mutiny on the Stadium in Beijing
  • Episode 38: The Aftermath: IV/Sonsaku Hakufu vs Harold


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