Noah Shrug
On Total Drama Island, where he was on the Screaming Gophers, this led to his downfall when he refused to participate in the dodgeball challenge altogether, not paying attention to the competition even though everyone else had been playing. When the Gophers lose the challenge, he berates everyone for a "weak effort", which earns the ire of his teammates. Because he had not participated in the game, he was eliminated. During his stay in Playa Des Losers, Noah develops a close friendship with Izzy and Eva, and they eventually participate as a team in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island but ultimately he and Eva do not qualify for Total Drama Action while Izzy does. Not sharing his fellow contestants' lust for fame, he is hired by Chris as an assistant, but is fired before the start of Chris' fake reality show, Total Drama Dirtbags, though it was revealed to be a plot to get Noah as a contestant for the true third season, World Tour. There, he is placed on Team Chris is Really Really Really Hot. He, along with his team, is initially impressed with Alejandro but he eventually grows skeptical and begins to suspect Alejandro's true intentions after he discover Alejandro tricked LeShawna. During the season, Noah develops a strong friendship with Owen (to the point that both consider each other as best friends). He eventually warns Owen of Alejandro's trickery, unaware that Alejandro had been listening in, leading to his elimination that episode.