Kakouton genjou

Mostly the same in the first season, Goei told him how to beat Hakufu during the Great Toushi Tournament and helped him by distracting her daughter while Kakouton injured her legs. Goei also flirted with him continually, leading most of the Toushi community to conclude that he likes mature women, a belief he vehemently denies to no avail. He still likes Hakufu, who is jealous of her mother and angry with him because she believes the rumors. In Ikkitousen Dragon Destiny, he is however portrayed as a much more serious character as compared to the first season. Like his manga counterpart, he has his eye gouged out but by a needle hidden in the assassin's mouth. He is best friends with Sousou and Kakuka. After being ordered by Sousou to avenge Kakuka's death, he decided to do it his own way, instead of attacking in a way that betrays his beliefs. Kakouton had been growing aware of the increasing blood-thirsty behavior of Sousou's Dragon. Sousou is becoming extremely violent more often. Kakouton decided to confront the "Devil King". Unfortunately he was overpowered and was presumed to be killed by Sousou. At the end we discover that Kakouton is still alive when Kaku finds him sitting alone in a street. He is now suffering from amnesia and only remembers Kakuka and Sousou as his friends and allies. In episode 6 of Great Guardians, Kakouton is seen trying to regain his memories and meets Ryofu on a bus doing the same. Kakouton decides to go with Ryofu to help her and maybe himself. Kakouton meets Saji(Ouin) and tells him that Myosai can help him with his memories. Ryofu passes out and Kakouton tries to help her but is stopped by Myosai. Hakufu shows up to stop Myosai's next attack and triggers some of Kakouton's memories of when they first met. Kakouton finally stands up for himself, throwing away his backpack which has his repair kit in it. Hakufu reminds Kakouton how important that kit is to him and finally remembers everything. At the end of episode 6, Kakouton defeats Myosai telling her that he'll find his own way to Sousou.