Eyes closed, silver hair, and carries a Japanese sword. Shiryu is arguably the most skilled toushi in the anime so far. Contrary to her looks, she is very laid back. There is no way to tell her true potential because of her limited fights and her lack of seriousness in them. So far no toushi has given her a real challenge or even put a tear on her uniform. At the end of the series, she is seen doing a bad attempt at flower arranging. Though it is not clearly pointed out whether she harbours a dragon or not, it is seen in a few flashes, in between her fight scenes, that her eyes are cat-like when open, very similar to those who harbour their dragons with control. Her battle skills are shown to be good as Kan'u. At the beach, when Ryuubi was attacked by sharks, Shiryu defeated them with one blow. Shiryu eye color is shown as light blue. She convince Tyler to admit his love to Lindsay.