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She makes her first appearance in Ikkitousen: X-treme X-ecutor. Like her manga version, she is similar to Hafuku as a ditsy, but very strong fighter. In her first appearance in the anime, she infiltrates Kyoshou searching for Sousou in order to avenge her brother Kansui (who was apparently fatally injured in a fight against Sousou), and easily dodging or knocking down anyone getting her way, including Soujin. She is ultimately defeated by Kyocho, after the latter explained that Sousou is not around for Bachou to meet. Mouki is seen later walking despondently after failing to complete her objective and after being caught in the rain she is found by Ryuubi, who calls her Maa-chan. She has a strong fear of snakes. Bachou Mouki befriends Gwen in the competition.